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A laptop displaying a sales dashboard, aiding in increasing retail business growth.

How to Increase Sales and Expand Your Retail Business?

Depending on whether you are a startup or a market leader, you would have different business perspectives and priorities. However, one question that you will always ponder is – how to increase sales revenue.   Players in the retail industry, in particular, are more concerned about addressing this challenge. This is due to the high degree of …

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A woman strategically implements modern merchandising strategies using a phone and a laptop on a table.

3 Modern merchandising strategies that work

With shopper experience gradually changing, brick-and-mortar stores really need to bring in their A-game to ensure that they stay in business. So let’s cut to the chase right away. Implementing the merchandising strategies would be a safe and secure choice. And here’s a list of the most commonly applied retail marketing strategies that work. 1. Avoid the …

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How Retail Analytics Helps Improve Sales?

Most retail businesses have significant data inventories that require constant monitoring to make informed decisions about their operations, marketing, and sales strategies. Retail analytics helps leverage this data to identify areas for improvement and make data-driven decisions that can increase sales performance. When the pandemic hit Southeast Asia, retail businesses were one of the hardest …

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A group of people analyzing retail data.

What Is Retail Analytics?

Retail analytics refers to the process of synthesizing business data on sales, inventory, and consumer behavior into valuable insights.  Merchants can use it to make more strategic decisions about their management and operations.  In 2023, the Southeast Asian retail industry is expected to reach $53 billion in market value, with an estimated user base of …

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