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Serve 10x more shoppers using AI-powered Retail Analytics

Deliver personalized shopping experiences with a FREE clienteling tool. Boost your store sales with predictive retail analytics. Automate and reduce manual work for your staff, while capturing more data about your shoppers.

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Powering Retailers Across The Globe, Big & Small
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Solving challenges faced by small businesses

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Finding the best discounts

Shoppers can’t readily learn about special offers or discounts, with our Digital Shopping Assistant they instantly can. Moreover, we remarket product deals based on browsing.

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“This product is out-of-stock”

Inconsistent inventory can cause disappointing out-of-stock situations. We ensure you stock shelves proactively, and also send back-in-stock notifications to customers for previously unavailable items.

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A product that fits shoppers' needs

Stores couldn’t offer the hyper-personalized suggestions shoppers get on ecommerce sites, until now. ComeBy uses browsing data to deliver tailored deals directly to the shopper while in-store.

We track shoppers from Entrance to Point-of-Sale

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Make repeat sales with targeted remarketing

Capture valuable shopper information such as email addresses and contact numbers to automatically remarket targeted promotions, personalized offers, and tailored recommendations. Increasing your likelihood for repeat sales!

Eliminate inventory stress with 20% less stockouts

Discover what your customers love! ComeBy analyzes how shoppers browse and interact with your store, providing valuable insights into the preferred areas and products. We can then make informed stocking decisions and better manage inventory, resulting in costs saved.

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Let technology keep your store in perfect harmony

Get accurate and consistent product information everywhere. ComeBy can automatically update details, prices, and promotions across all channels, both online and in-store. Say goodbye to outdated or conflicting information.

Exploit shopper behavior data in-store

Knowing if customers are interested in out-of-stock products, enables you to send proactive offers or back-in-stock notifications. Predict inventory needs by analyzing browsing data and identify potential product bundles or cross-selling opportunities. 

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Set up in 3 simple steps - no tech skills needed

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Set up in 3 simple steps
no tech skills needed

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Simple, transparent pricing

Schedule zero commitment consultation with our CEO, integrate with your existing infrastructure and start using ComeBy.

$0 - Free!

Limited time offer

Digital Shopping Assistant (DSA)


Per Store Per Month​

Staff Notifications

Near instant notifications to sales assistants and store managers in real time with shopper browsing history.


Per Store Per Month​

Insights Dashboard

Gain insights into where shoppers spent most time in each of your stores, get data even at a brand analysis level.


Per Store Per Month​

Integrate to PoS

Enjoy complete data portability, integrate within minutes to a PoS, connect our virtual cart and done!


Per Store Per Month​


Track where shoppers spend the most time in each of your stores, get data overview at a brand level.


over 12 months - 0% interest


Traffic and Footfall detection. Harness maximum store data to support important decisions, no guesswork.

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