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Insights to convert your traffic

Turn your window shoppers into paying customers, gain a comprehensive view of your retail operations with ComeBy

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Comeby powering the world's fastest-growing companies.
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Power efficient retail stores with
data you can trust

Each shopper leaves up to 80* “offline cookie” data points in a single store visit.
Retailers only capture 10% of this, compared to 100% for ecommerce sites.

*ComeBy primary research 

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Support important decisions with data, no guesswork

Combine data from our Traffic and Engage solutions with your own PoS systems to gain a deeper view into shopper behavior, store performance, and product trends. Use in-store data insights to deliberate profitmaking business decisions.

Revenue proportional to engagement strength

Boost sales and customer loyalty through personalized recommendations, promotions, and rewards. Analyze shopper data to understand preferences and habits, and offer timely and relevant incentives.

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Grow alongside informed and efficient sales staff

Improve efficiency by giving sales staff access to customer data, product information, and inventory levels. Allowing them to provide better recommendations and service to shoppers, ultimately increasing sales’ likelihood.


ComeBy’s solutions have boosted our sales by providing personalized recommendations to customers who scan products. Their expert insights have helped us make informed decisions about product selection and store layout designs. We recommend ComeBy to retailers looking to grow their sportswear business and enhance customer experience.

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