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Track traffic behavior from entry to purchase

Use traffic data to enhance the shopping journey and increase sales with a store built on shopper behavior data.

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Comeby powering the world's fastest-growing companies.
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From foot traffic to sales:
Let ComeBy show you how

Tracker picks up phone signals of shoppers to understand how they interact with your store. So you can then employ strategies that convert to sales.

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Maximize store sales with a data-driven store design

Optimize your store layout and increase conversions with detailed insights on visitor behavior. Analyze traffic patterns, identify underperforming areas, and detect hotspots to improve product placement. Create compelling shopping experiences.

Measure the impact of your visual campaigns

Get a comprehensive understanding of how your visual campaigns are driving foot traffic and conversions. By capturing passerby data, tracking walk-in rates, and analyzing dwell time and zone visits, you can measure the impact of your campaigns and identify areas for improvement.

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Discover how ComeBy turns visitors into customers

Leverage data to understand visitor conversion rates. Analyze capture rates to identify successful areas of the store in converting visitors into customers. Use these insights to optimize sales strategies and drive revenue growth.


ComeBy’s solutions have boosted our sales by providing personalized recommendations to customers who scan products. Their expert insights have helped us make informed decisions about product selection and store layout designs. We recommend ComeBy to retailers looking to grow their sportswear business and enhance customer experience.

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