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Say goodbye to overstocking or understocking challenges, keep your shelves stocked with ComeBy’s data analytics.

A metal shelving unit displaying boxes for a buyer and merchandiser.
A black background with the words al khan sports on it, showcasing retail analytics.
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The maxis logo on a black background will be analyzed for retail purposes.
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Eliminate inventory stress, reduce stock outs by 20%

Monitor live inventory levels, sales trends, and shopper traffic to make more data-driven decisions. No more stock outs or excess inventory just the right amount of items to meet customer demand.

Analyze shopper behavior to forecast inventory needs

Use shopper interest data to predict inventory needs by analyzing how many people are browsing or trying your products. Get out-of-stock alerts to prevent stockouts and ensure product availability for your customers.

A smartphone displaying shoes being sold for the buyer and merchandiser.
A dashboard with a bar graph and a bar chart for a Buyer & Merchandiser.

Inventory tracking​ to drive successful restocking

Forecast demand by tracking inventory levels and analyzing historical sales data to identify trends in product demand over time and reorder products in a timely manner.


ComeBy’s solutions have boosted our sales by providing personalized recommendations to customers who scan products. Their expert insights have helped us make informed decisions about product selection and store layout designs. We recommend ComeBy to retailers looking to grow their sportswear business and enhance customer experience.

Al-Ikhsan Sports
A black background with the Al Khan sports logo, incorporating retail analytics.

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