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How in-store shopping has changed after Covid-19

A woman browsing clothes in a clothing store during the post-Covid era.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected people’s lives in many ways, and one of the ways is how they shop. One can say it opened a plethora of opportunities for shoppers to shop for their favourite items without having to go through a lot of hassle.

Gone are the days of window shopping. Now people window shop through their phones and ultimately make a decision before arriving at the physical store.

So here are 4 ways the shopper experience underwent a complete revamp during the pandemic.

1. Shoppers started utilising the physical and digital channels together

Pre-pandemic, it was either physical or digital. But the post-pandemic retail revamp allowed customers to experience the perfect amalgamation of both digital and physical shopping.

Most retail stores now have QR codes that allow the customer to get the right size if it isn’t available at the store. Also, you can purchase it digitally, go to the store, try it out and decide whether to keep it or return it. It’s that simple now.

To add the cherry on top, customers can now track the price change on their phone and get alerted on the new arrivals if they subscribe to the brands’ offers and newsletter. Therefore, they won’t miss out on their favourite product.

2. The number of people who visit malls has declined

Visiting the malls and window shopping is an experience. But as per the latest trends, shoppers are showing less interest in visiting malls or even window shopping. The ones who prefer to visit the mall have reduced their frequency. Why?

You can do window shopping in the comfort of your home- no more rush and minimal human interaction. The ones who reach the mall always have their mind set on what to buy and from where, as they have already finished the window shopping part right on their phones.

3. The emergence of new payment methods encourages people to shop from home

Online payment options were limited during the pre-pandemic era. During the pandemic, in order to maximise online payments, new payment options came into existence, which made the whole digital shopping experience safe and secure. Customers started trusting the online payment process, and once they got accustomed to the new method, there was no going back.

4. Best deals above brand loyalty

One thing that the shoppers always have an eye on is getting good value for their money. If you find a brand offering a deal that lets you pay less than what your favourite brand offers, and you get the same benefits of using the products, which offer would you choose? Obviously, the one that provides the best deal, right?

Customers are no longer tied to the brands. Instead, they are willing to experiment to see if they can get better deals elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

The in-store shopping experience the customer wants in the post-pandemic era is different than it used to be. Thus, it’s essential for retail brands to shape their stores the way the shoppers want.

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