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Supercharge your store with technology that captures traffic, engages customers, mines data for insights, and increases your revenue.

ComeBy powering the world’s fastest growing companies

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Track shopper traffic from entry to purchase

Discover foot traffic patterns inside and near your store with mobile device trackers and cameras. Improve your retail strategy with actionable insights (like capture rates and heatmaps), then employ confident, data-driven decisions that convert to sales.

Create engaging journeys with a Digital Shopping Assistant

Imagine your shoppers with a personal assistant. They just scan a QR code for easy product exploration in a user-friendly web app. Plus, the same technology automates manual tasks, lightens staff load, and gathers shopper insights. It’s shopping made easy.

AI-powered descriptive & predictive insights

Store Managers can get a real-time view of floor activity & staff performance. Upper management gets a full view of the store funnel & insights into shopper patterns, allowing for confident decisions across multiple stores.

Seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure

Integrate across your entire application stack and website with ComeBy’s native integrations. Enjoy complete data portability as you effortlessly connect with popular platforms like Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, and more.

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ComeBy’s solutions have boosted our sales by providing personalized recommendations to customers who scan products. Their expert insights have helped us make informed decisions about product selection and store layout designs. We recommend ComeBy to retailers looking to grow their sportswear business and enhance customer experience.

Al-Ikhsan Sports
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