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Supercharge your store with technology that captures traffic, engages customers, mines data for insights, and increases your revenue.

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Hours Saved

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Data Points Collected

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Shoppers Tracked

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Stores Connected

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Sq.ft Monitored

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Using AI to understand shopper behavior.

How does retail analytics work?

Track shopper traffic from entry to purchase

  • How many people pass your store?

Shoppers walking outside your store are
tracked using cell phone signals.

  • Mapping in-store activity

As shoppers enter your store to browse, we can
capture dwell times, frequent pathways, and
zones of interest using cameras and footfall trackers.

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Discovery made simple, connect with QR codes

  • One scan to access all your products

Strategically placed QR codes in your store
allows shoppers to use mobile devices to
scan and engage with products of their interest.

  • Extra pair of hands: Digital Shopping Assistant

Shoppers can scan product barcodes or QR codes with our
Digital Shopping Assistant for instant access to product
specs and guides on a web app, no download needed.

Qr code mobile app for ecommerce.

Engage your shoppers with an intelligent personal assistant

  • Browsing made personal and relevant

Empower shoppers with a robust search feature and detailed
product info for a personalized shopping experience. Did we
mention the AI-driven recommendations?

  • Evaluating interest with 3 metrics

When shoppers show interest in a product, they can either
add it to Wishlist, seek assistance, or make a purchase. Which
identifies retailers’ top-performing items!

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Offer checkout flexibility, buy in store or online

  • Order before reaching the cashier

A shopper can create an order and then pay at the
cashier, with self-checkout available exclusively for
those utilizing RFID tags.

  • Avoiding queues with self-checkout

The shopper doesn’t need to wait in queue if they
choose to use RFID tags (contactless transaction)

Man, shopping cart, mobile phone.

We collect store data, you get AI-driven insights

  • For day-to-day Retail Managers

Store Managers can get a real-time view of floor activity,
shopper notifications & staff performance.

  • Performance across all your stores

Upper management gets a full view of their stores sales funnel,
with descriptive insights into shopper patterns, allowing
for confident and profitable decisions across multiple stores.

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Trusted by companies

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Al-Ikhsan Sports

“ComeBy’s solutions have boosted our sales by providing personalized recommendations to customers who scan products. Their expert insights have helped us make informed decisions about product selection and store layout designs. We recommend ComeBy to retailers looking to grow their sportswear business and enhance customer experience.”

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Client Success Stories

Each figure demonstrates the difference ComeBy has made for a retailer.

Money stack.


cheaper mall lease by analyzing external traffic

cheaper mall lease by analyzing external traffic

Pie chart, green background.


value attributed to additional store footfall

value attributed to additional store footfall

Green, logo


hours of staff time saved, 20% efficiency per shopper rise

hours of staff time saved, 20% efficiency per shopper rise

Graph, arrow


better sales forecasting with conversion & capture data

better sales forecasting with conversion & capture data

Teal background, dollar bill icon.


reconversion of shoppers facing out-of-stock items

reconversion of shoppers facing out-of-stock items


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